Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Breathing Treatments....

We're on our second day of breathing treatments.....still every 4 hours until 7 tonight, then we go to every 6. It's helped a little with the wheezing but she still has a really bad cough. Hopefully, by tomorrow, there will be a noticeable difference. Were just praying that this is a one time thing and not the beginning signs of asthma or allergies. She's done a little better taking the treatments today. She'll cry for a minute, but as long as we have the "Praise Baby" dvd going and the volume turned way up so she can hear it over the nebulizer, it seems to take her mind off of it! However, at 3:00 this morning she was not happy about having to wake up to do it! She's just like her sister in that respect......they like (and need) their sleep and neither like to be disturbed!

Playing with Daddy!

Emma and Ella, both, get so excited when daddy comes home from work or school. Emma will ask me 100 times "when's daddy going to be here?" Ella is no different! She was all smiles when Jeb came home from work today. I can't really blame them, though.....i like him a little, too!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor Ella!

We spent most of afternoon, today, at the Dr.'s office and the hospital. Ella's had a pretty nasty cough for a couple of days and starting wheezing today. She acts like nothing is wrong, but she sounds terrible! My sweet baby was SO GOOD the entire time. Even when she was having the xrays of her chest done, she just laid there and smiled and talked! However, She was worn out by the time we got home because she missed her afternoon nap. Since she was wheezing so bad she has to have breathing treatments every 4 hours......even throughout the night! Needless to say, she hates it! Hopefully they won't all be like this one was! I felt terrible having to put her through all of that after she had been so good and in such a good mood! I just pray that this will make her better!


Emma was trying to help El sit up and play with her toys. She's getting pretty good at sitting up. She can usually last about 4 seconds before she tips over! Emma helps her out by sitting behind her so she doesn't fall back. What a good sister! I wonder if they'll still be this nice to each other in 5 years!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Time!

After a long day of easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, Emma thought it would be a great idea for us all to watch her new dvd, "Bee Movie". So that's what we did! Ella spent a little time watching and a little time bothering her sister! I guess that's what little sisters are for!

The Fam!

Easter with the Jones'

Going to Church!

A Visit from the Easter Bunny!

The girls were very excited to see what the Easter bunny left them this morning.....Em was a little more excited than El! Looking at each of their Easter baskets, it did seem a little unfair. Emma's was filled with as much stuff as it would hold and poor Ella only had 3 things in hers. But, as I was soon reminded, as long as she has a poor, defenseless, little stuffed animal to slobber all over she was perfectly happy......for now!

Dying Easter Eggs!

Somehow we managed to dye a dozen eggs without making any stains on the table! That's an accomplishment!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Girls!

I finally got a picture taken of ME with the girls! I'm always the one taking the pictures (Jeb says I'm a little "camera happy") so I only have a few of me with Em and didn't have any of me with both girls! I'm going to work on it, though! I just need to make it a point to hand the camera over and let someone else take the picture! Maybe we'll even get one of ALL 4 of us!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dr. Jones!

Emma thought Ella was looking a little sick so she decided to get her "Dr. kit" and check her out. Dr. Jones said it looked like she had an ear infection so she had to give her a shot. Ella was trooper (despite the traumatized look on her face) she didn't even cry! And notice the tape around her leg.......Dr. Jones thought it might be broken!

Time to Read!

She knows how to hold it because she's seen sister doing it.......she's just not quite sure what you do next! If Emma has anything to do with it, she'll be reading before we know it!

Playing in the Excersaucer!

Thanks Mimi and Pop!

Ella loves the bunny she got from Mimi and Pop for Easter! She hugged him and sqeezed him.......and then tried to bite his ear off!