Saturday, October 10, 2009

Even Ella...... sick of hearing about Tim Tebow!

Chili A La Emma ~

Golf isn't the only thing Em's taken an interest in lately.......she also wants to learn how to cook! She had her first lesson today....Chili! Jeb and I both agreed, it was the best we've ever had!!

Practice Makes Perfect ~

Em started taking golf lessons a few weeks ago and has really gotten into it! She calls Pop after each practice to tell him what she learned (and ask for things like "ball markers")! A couple of weeks ago she was so excited because she learned how to "chip"! Right now, her clubs are a little long; so she's been practicing on the Wii until we get them cut down!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Next Best Thing ~

Now that football has started, it makes us miss Auburn a little more! Being 4 hours away, it isn't as easy to tailgate as it used to be! But you do the best with what you've got! So we rented a projector, set up our tent, invited our friends and had our own tailgate "Athens style"! It turned out great! I don't know how many times I heard "we need to do this for every night game"! You can't really tell from the pictures, but the projection on the screen (a king size sheet) was crystal clear! And to top it all off......Auburn WON!

Since we had the projector for the weekend, Jeb set it up in the playroom and hooked the Wii up to it! He and Emma played Mario Kart, tennis, and Em even got in a little golf practice!

Sweet Cousins ~

Lori, Ava, and Anna Kate (better known as Lolo, Aya, and Cakes) drove from Texas to come stay with us for the weekend! It was their first time visiting our new home! Since it was a special occasion we decided to do some special things! We rented a moonwalk for the weekend and the girls had a blast! It also wore them out by the end of each day! With an 8 yr old, a 4 yr old, and two 2 yr olds, you can imagine the chaos! However, for every cry, scream, whine, and yell, there were hugs, laughs, kisses, and smiles! I'd do it all again tomorrow! Plus...Lori did all of my laundry before she left! Thanks Lo!

This is what I get......

......for not putting the shredder away after I finished using it! She just couldn't help herself!

Quality time with Dad ~

Both girls LOVE riding on the mower....yes, the mower, which couldn't make Jeb happier! As soon as they hear him crank it up, they're out the door waiting for a ride! The other day, while Jeb was at work, Emma asked if she could ride Ella around on it.....she was certain she could drive it! Of course, she got a big NO.....and now he takes the key out when he's not there....just in case!

Dress Up ~

Emma pulled out all of her old dress up clothes for Ella to play with (since she's too old for dressing up now)! Emma seemed to have just as much fun dressing El up as Ella did putting everything on! Ella's favorite was the coon skin cap that Poppy gave Emma a few years ago! She seemed to be a little confused at first! I think she thought it was a long lost family pet by the way she was petting and hugging it and saying "Awwwwww"! Eventually, with Em's help, she figured out that it was a hat! She wore it for the rest of the evening!!