Thursday, October 28, 2010

Look Who's 3 ~

Ella turned 3 last Friday! We celebrated by taking her to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live on Wednesday, having her big birthday bash on Saturday, and finishing it off with birthday cookies and juice at school on Monday! She had so much fun playing, eating and celebrating with all of her friends and family! Thanks to everyone who made the trip for making it such a special day for her!

Creative Excercise ~

Poor El...

....She seems to become the guinea pig when Em gets bored! She doesn't seem to mind, least not right now!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Em's 9th Birthday ~

I can't believe Emma just turned 9! It's her last year in the single digits! She loves to "cook" so this year she wanted to have cooking party. Luckily I was able to find a great cooking school/restaurant in Madison that does parties. The girls LOVED it. Emma picked a "pizza party" theme so they made pizza and cheese sticks from scratch. They also made the biggest ice cream sundaes I've ever seen! They all had a blast....not sure how we'll top it next year!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School ~

I can't believe we've already started ANOTHER year of school! The summer gets shorter every year! Emma started the 4th grade this year and Ella is in the 3 year old class at MMO. I can't believe we have a 4th grader! They were both super excited about starting back to school and seem to really like their classes! Let's hope it stays that way!

Our Summer in a Nutshell ~

It's time to play catch up, yet again! I've been a slacker over the summer and haven't posted anything....I really didn't take that many pictures either. Our summer was rather uneventful. It was mostly spent swimming, playing with friends, and getting ready for baby girl #3, due in November! The one thing I didn't get ANY pictures of was Emma playing softball this summer. She joined a summer league team and played 2 games a week for most of the summer. She did really well and seemed to enjoy playing. She plans to sign up for regular season softball this year so I'll be sure to get a few pictures then. Other than that, the slideshow pretty much sums up our summer. Now that I'm getting caught up I'm going to try to keep it up like I used to! Hope you enjoy the slideshow!

Monday, June 14, 2010

American Girl Weekend ~

Emma and I, along with our friends, Hope and Katelyn, kicked off our summer by heading to Atlanta for an American Girl weekend! This had been the only thing the girls talked about for the last several months and the only thing they've been saving their money for! It was obvious that both had been hard at work since they each had over $200 to spend at the American Girl Boutique! Not only did we shop at the boutique and eat at the AG Bistro, but we spent the night at the AG Hotel (The Marriott), where our room was decorated with pink comforters, trash cans, towels, notepads and pencils, and pink bows on the lamps! It was fun getting away and spending some quality time with Emma. It was definitely an experience to remember!

School's Out Party ~

We celebrated the end of the school year by having a party with our Sunday School class! What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with hotdogs, slip n' slides, and chasing ducks! We all had a great time.

Joy Ride

Ella loves riding on her scooter and jeep (though she hasn't really mastered the steering thing just yet). Luckily she has a great big sister to help her out when she gets stuck (and to take some great "action shots" of her riding!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ~

Huntin' Eggs with Friends ~

Friday, Ella's preschool class had their Easter party followed by an egg hunt with some other classes! When Emma and I got there, she was dipping her rice krispy treat into the icing on her cupcake, which gave her the perfect sugar rush to hunt Easter eggs with! When it came time to look for eggs, Ella had a slight advantage over the other kids! With her big sis leading the way, El ended up with a basket full of candy filled eggs in no time!!

Easter Egg Hunt 2010 ~

Last weekend, we hosted an Easter Egg hunt at our house for our SS class and their families! We had 50 + people come and hid 44 dozen Easter eggs from one end of the yard to the other! When they weren't hunting for eggs, they were busy doing sack races, jumping on the trampoline, fishing and just having fun! Each family brought their own picnic lunch and we served ice cream sundaes before everyone left! It turned out to be such a fun and relaxing day (believe it or not!) Hopefully this is only the first of many gatherings we'll have here over the years to come!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter ~

After weeks of squinting, complaining of headaches, and asking "What does that say?"......Emma finally got glasses! While her eyesight isn't nearly as bad as Jeb's, he also had to get glasses in the 3rd grade! She wasn't too happy about the idea at first, but seems to love them now! We happen to think they fit her personality perfectly! And, YES.....those are HOT PINK frames!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bad Blogger!

It's time to play "catch up" again! I'll admit that I don't really think about the blog as much as I used's usually not until I start getting emails from my mother that I remember to do it! So here are a few updates I forgot about.....better late than never! (Keep scrolling down...this is by far my longest post yet!)


The week leading up to Christmas, Jolly, our ELF, went out with a bang! Good thing He only comes around for a few weeks before Christmas.....I don't think I could handle any more than that! Here are two of His more ambitious pranks ~

Fun with Hair bows!
Anyone who knows Emma, knows that she has way too many hair bows! I've never actually counted them (why would I) but just to put it into perspective, there are 5 "hair bow holders" on the back of her door and they are all full......not to mention 2 whole bathroom drawers designated for hair bows that are full as well! Jolly found them all.....and clipped all He could onto the girls Christmas tree in the playroom!

Then....the night before He left on Christmas Eve, He did this.....

......that's right! He "wrapped" the doorway leading into the playroom (their bedrooms are off of the playroom) with my Christmas paper which read "Merry Christmas Emma and Ella! Love Jolly". When they woke up the next morning, they had to bust through the paper to get to the living room! However, I have to say that Jolly can't take full credit for this one....a friend gave him the idea! Yep.....sure am glad He's not here all year 'round!!


Another significant thing I have yet to post is our new puppy...Timber! No, Jeb did not give in and say we could get one.....She found us! I pulled in the driveway one afternoon and she was sitting in our yard, close to the hwy! Since we live off of a 4 lane hwy and have no close neighbors, we knew that she didn't run away from someone! However, Jeb insisted on driving to ALL of the houses within 5 miles just to make sure! They all said the same thing, that someone probably put her out on the hwy in front of our house (apparently it's happened before). She was only 6 weeks old and even Jeb didn't have it in him to take her to the pound! The girls LOVE her and she seems to feel right at home!!

ICE SKATING ANYONE? ~ chances are it's not thick enough for skating, but it still looks pretty! This is the pond behind our house!


I finally took Ella for a haircut.....just couldn't take the mullet any longer! This was actually her first "real" haircut....other than having the ends trimmed twice. Of course, she screamed through the entire process but the end result was great! Her new "do" fits her perfectly!


Em was chosen as "Star Student" of her class last week! She had to make an "All About Me" poster to hang on their classroom door! She did a great job on it! We are so proud of her!


A few more noteworthy pics I thought you might enjoy!