Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Christmas ~ Part 2

On New Years Day, we packed up and headed to Eufaula to have Christmas with the Jones! It was our first trip to Eufaula since we moved in May! We spent Friday night with Jeb's family, opening tons of presents and eating dinner! We all had a great time and got so many nice things (thanks Nana and Poppy)!

Because this was also Jebs first chance to hunt this season, we spent the rest of the weekend at the cabin. Saturday night (despite the cold) he built a camp fire for the girls to roast hotdogs and marshmallows and make s'mores! They loved it! Monday morning, before we left, Jeb and Emma were able to get in a little target practice with Jeb's new gun.......she's a natural!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Family Christmas ~

This was a Christmas full of "firsts"! It was our first Christmas spent in our new house, the first time Lori, Brannon and the girls have been with us on Christmas Day, the first time we've lived in a house big enough to even consider accommodating the whole fam for Christmas.....

Lori, Brannon, Ava, Cakes, Loni and Justin ALL spent the night at our house Christmas Eve.....and Christmas morning Santa delivered Toys x 4 (We were up until 3am)! Not long after Loni set off the alarm and woke the kids up, Mimi, Pop and Nanny arrived! Yes, it was a little chaotic at times, but that's what made it special! It's not often that we get the chance to ALL sit and talk, but when we do it's unforgettable! Thanks (family) for a great Christmas!

Emma's Christmas Party/Sleepover ~

School let out on December 17th (for Christmas break) so we decided to celebrate by having a few of Emma's friends over to play dirty santa, decorate Christmas cookies, and spend the night! Other than the noise level, things went very well for having 6 girls in the house (lucky for Ella, she got to spend the night with Mimi and Pop). After all of the "planned" activities were done, they spent the rest of the night playing Twister (very interesting), Wii Mario Kart, and watching Home Alone!

December 16th ~ Emma's Christmas Play

The day before school let out for Christmas, Emma's class (along with the rest of the third grade) put on their Christmas play........"Twas the Night Before Christmas"! Emma was "Ma" (which couldn't have been more fitting) and she took her part very seriously! Apparently her "husband" (Pa) did as well! She said he kept calling her "Dear" and "Honey" even when they weren't rehearsing! All of their practice paid off........the play was great!