Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visitors ~

We see deer in our yard a regular basis, eating the fruit and nuts that have fallen from the trees! A few days ago there were 6 of them playing in the yard! Although they're out there at least twice a week, the girls and I still get really excited when we see them! What can I say, we're not used to seeing that many deer up close......that are still alive, at least!

Note to self.....

.....Ella + marshmallow cream = HUGE MESS! It wasn't that bad until she started using it as GLUE to stick her feet to the counter!

The New Guy ~

They've had this sign up since Jeb started working......which probably explains how everyone here seems to know us already! I finally remembered to throw my camera in the car the other day when I was headed to the store! I'm glad I did.......I think he's ready for them to take it down!

Baby Steps ~

A couple of weekends ago, Loni and her friend Abby hosted the first annual Baby Steps 5k marathon benefiting the Amelia Center! With a total of almost 400 runners, it exceeded all our expectations! I have never been as proud of or for Loni as I was on that day! I can't imagine the courage, strength, and determination it must take to turn ones own personal tragedy into something so positive! We all know that God has a magnificent plan for Loni, Justin and Maddox! And while this is certainly not the only great thing they'll accomplish.......MAN, it was a great start!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Grown ~

Along with house came a small orchard! We have:

red/green apples
and Walnuts!

We've picked more fruit in the last 2 months than any of us have ever picked in our whole lives.....ever! Especially blueberries, blackberries, and grapes! I made a ton of cobblers and blueberry pancakes (see picture below) but that wasn't good enough....Jeb wanted jelly! I have no clue how to make jelly! Surprised? Lucky for me, my Mamaw and Papa can! The last time they visited they took home a bag full of grapes and made 8 jars of jelly! Then they called to tell me how good it was and give me detailed instructions on how to make it.....apparently I was going to make it! So, with a little help from papa, I made 4 jars of grape jelly.....really good grape jelly! It taste nothing like the stuff I buy from the store! Now I can add "jelly making" to my list of things I've learned from Mamaw and Papa!

This is just what I had picked that day! Jeb, Emma, and El also had bags full!

mmmm....Blueberry Pancakes!

Grape Jelly!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 Significant Events ~

As usual these days, I'm a little behind in posting. Better late than never, I guess!

8 Already?

Once again, August has come and gone; which means yet another birthday for Emma! I can't believe she's 8! Yes, 8! She no longer likes Hannah's everything Taylor Swift! She also tends to roll her eyes at me a little more than she used too! Very few things aside, I couldn't have asked for a more loving, caring, beautiful child!

One downside to moving during summer, she hadn't really had time to meet any new friends to invite to a party! So, we had a "family" party for her a couple of weeks ago and decided to have another party (with her new friends) toward the end of September! We had a lot of family make the trip to Athens and Emma had a great time! We're now in the "planning process" of her "friend" party. Yesterday, she sat at one end of the dining room table and made me sit at the other end so we could have a "conference" about the party! That's SO Emma!

We decided to break out the slip-n-slide for the kids that were there! It's safe to say that El had more fun on it than anyone else! She couldn't quite get the hang of it on her own so she would just sit at the top of it and we'd push her down to the bottom!

Emma (and Jeb, for that matter) spent the rest of the day on her new scooter! She rides it every morning before she leaves for school and every afternoon when homework is done! However, I don't think she expected to have to share it with Jeb and Ella!

10 Years Already??

Not only did Emma turn 8, but 2 days later Jeb and I attended my 10 year class reunion! Personally, I loved high school! Most of my close friends now are friends from hs! But as much as we all still talk and keep up thru blogs, etc., it's a very rare occasion that we're all in the same town, not to mention the same place! True to form, they did not dissappoint! It was definitley the most fun we've had in a long time (and the latest we've stayed up!) Just 10 more years and we get to do it all again!