Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Black-Eyed Baby ~

I was hoping that El's bruise wouldn't result in a full blown BLACK EYE......but that's what she's got! It doesn't seem to be bothering her, but I cringe every time I see her rubbing her eyes! She just looks so pitiful! I'm scared to take her out in public, for fear that someone will call DHR on me!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bruiser ~

No, this is not the result of payback for her bullying at daycare (good guess, though). When I put her to bed tonight she immediately sat straight up in her crib. She leaned forward to grab the rail so she could stand up (and have a tantrum) and she missed. She hit the corner of her eye directly on the edge of the rail! As you can see, it was not pretty! Surprisingly, she only screamed for a couple of minutes and then I think she realized that it got her out of going to bed right then so she was happy! I felt so bad for her because I know that had to hurt! I hate seeing a big bruise on that sweet little face!

Where's Ella?

We had to do several albuterol breathing treatments the other day because El had a little wheezing going on. After one breathing treatment she's bouncing off the walls.....this was after about the 4th one since we were doing them every 4 hrs for 24 hrs! She went in and out of that tent a million times! She kept trying to drag beary in there with her but (lucky for him) I think he was a little too big for her to handle.

Hooray for Corn!

.....Just a few more pictures of El enjoying her favorite meal, corn on the cob!

Playing "Catch-Up" ~

I've fallen behind on my blogging....so it's time to get caught up! As I said in the previous post, Emma's friend, Caroline, spent the day with us a couple of Saturday's ago. After playing in Em's room for a while, and kicking Ella out of their club, they decided they would try to make a little money! So what do you do when you need to make a quick buck....sale lemonade, of course! They were so proud of their little lemonade stand! Unfortunately, we live in a cul-de-sac, so tracking down customers wasn't so easy. They wanted to go door to door but Jeb and I quickly shot down that idea! They did, eventually, get their first customer. However, they were so excited that they finally had one that they gave the kid his lemonade for free........for being the first customer, of course!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playing with the Big Girls ~

Emma's friend, Caroline, came over to play Saturday. Ella decided that she wanted to play too, so she made her way into Emma's room to see what was going on. Unfortunately, she only got to stay for a short while. Emma told her she "had to be 5 to join this club!" Sorry El!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Cakes & Ava G ~

We spent the day in Birmingham, yesterday, to celebrate Anna Kate's 1st birthday and Ava's 3rd birthday! I hate that I couldn't spend more time with them. I don't get to see them too often, so when I do it just makes me realize how much I miss them! Ava doesn't care what's going on as long as "Emmo" is there! She thinks Emmo is the best and just follows her around everywhere! As for sweet cakes, she's just that...sweet! Like Jeb said, you wouldn't even know she was there unless you were looking for her (unlike her cousin Ella, who likes to make her presence known!) She's the best baby I've ever seen! I've never seen her scream or cry, she's perfectly content no matter where she is or who's holding her! We had a great day with them. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when we see them again! Happy Birthday sweet girls!!

More Birthday Pics ~

When Emma's away.....

.....Ella will play! Emma spent the night with a friend last weekend and I guess Ella didn't want all of her toys to get lonely! I was folding laundry and noticed that she had crawled off and when I peaked in Emma's room this is what I found! Ms Ella was having a blast playing with all of Em's toys. Emma will usually let El play in there with her, but there are a few things that are off limits (like "beary", the giant teddy bear that Ella is playing with). I guess El saw an opportunity and ran with it! We were sure to clean everything up before sister came home!

At school with Emma ~

Friday, Emma's teacher, Mrs Stewart, invited the parents to come have lunch with the students and to see a skit they had put together about the planets. It's fun to visit Emma at school and to be able to see how she acts around her friends. She's a bit of a "social butterfly"! Luckily, she has the best teacher in the world who loves to get the parents involved as much as possible. She did great reading her lines in the skit and proudly took a bow at the end! I can't wait to see what they do next!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playtime with Dave ~

I love Elmo just as much as the next person, but there does come a time when I just can't listen to him for one more second. I think El was actually getting a little bored with him too! So for a change of pace, I put in one of Jeb's many DMB dvd's (live at Red Rocks) while El and I were playing. I'm not sure if it was the singing, the music, or the flashing lights, but whatever it was had her full attention! She would watch and clap and then go back to playing for while. I must say, she has great taste in music! Jeb was so proud!!

A great day for painting ~

Emma and her friend, Emma, spent their Labor day vacation from school painting pictures! For obvious reasons this had to be done outside. Good thing it was a nice day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

War Eagle!

It's finally here! Football season is, by far, the best time of the year......especially when you live in the loveliest village on the plains!!! We missed out on all of the fun last football season since miss Ella arrived in October, but we were all ready and waiting this time! Along with all of the food, chairs, drinks, and shakers, this time we also had to carry toys, diapers, the excersaucer and a big blanket to put it all on! We had a car LOAD (actually 2 car loads)! It was definitely worth it.....despite the HEAT! Ella had to come out of her cute Aubie outfit and settle for a tank top and diaper! We all had so much fun. Some friends of ours (and a friend of Emma's) joined us, so that made it even better! Both of the girls did great and toughed out the heat. They are obviously TRUE Auburn fans.......a little scorching sun isn't going to keep them from cheering for their team! We'll be doing it all again in a few weeks when we play LS.....WHO?