Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School ~

I can't believe we've already started ANOTHER year of school! The summer gets shorter every year! Emma started the 4th grade this year and Ella is in the 3 year old class at MMO. I can't believe we have a 4th grader! They were both super excited about starting back to school and seem to really like their classes! Let's hope it stays that way!

Our Summer in a Nutshell ~

It's time to play catch up, yet again! I've been a slacker over the summer and haven't posted anything....I really didn't take that many pictures either. Our summer was rather uneventful. It was mostly spent swimming, playing with friends, and getting ready for baby girl #3, due in November! The one thing I didn't get ANY pictures of was Emma playing softball this summer. She joined a summer league team and played 2 games a week for most of the summer. She did really well and seemed to enjoy playing. She plans to sign up for regular season softball this year so I'll be sure to get a few pictures then. Other than that, the slideshow pretty much sums up our summer. Now that I'm getting caught up I'm going to try to keep it up like I used to! Hope you enjoy the slideshow!