Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ~

Huntin' Eggs with Friends ~

Friday, Ella's preschool class had their Easter party followed by an egg hunt with some other classes! When Emma and I got there, she was dipping her rice krispy treat into the icing on her cupcake, which gave her the perfect sugar rush to hunt Easter eggs with! When it came time to look for eggs, Ella had a slight advantage over the other kids! With her big sis leading the way, El ended up with a basket full of candy filled eggs in no time!!

Easter Egg Hunt 2010 ~

Last weekend, we hosted an Easter Egg hunt at our house for our SS class and their families! We had 50 + people come and hid 44 dozen Easter eggs from one end of the yard to the other! When they weren't hunting for eggs, they were busy doing sack races, jumping on the trampoline, fishing and just having fun! Each family brought their own picnic lunch and we served ice cream sundaes before everyone left! It turned out to be such a fun and relaxing day (believe it or not!) Hopefully this is only the first of many gatherings we'll have here over the years to come!